At FY-Composites, we design and manufacture military personal protective equipment and advanced composite structures. Our product portfolio includes protective armor, helmet systems and custom system survivability solutions. We leverage over 30-years of experience in composites and ballistic armor manufacturing.

We work closely with our customers to develop reliable life-saving products and lightweight structures for demanding environments. FY-Composites’ research and development programs are conducted in cooperation with military and law-enforcement.

Commitment to the Customer

We are engineers, designers, retired soldiers, and specialists working with powerful modeling and analysis tools. We have a long-term knowledge of design and experience in composite manufacturing. Our core competence is ballistic material processing. Our factory is located in Pirkkala, Finland. We maintain high security measures in all our operations. We are ISO 9001 certified partner following NATO AQAP 2110 in our processes.


  • Composite combat helmets since 1992
  • Superstructures for naval vessels since 1996
  • Rapid Armor Shelter System
  • Vehicle and system armoring including MB Zetros, MB Unimog, MB Sprinter, PATRIA AMV, Patria XA, VWCaravelle

Advanced ballistic protective products, UHMWPE processing.

In-house engineering and expertise in composite technology.

Project expertise. Customised solutions and products.

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Kiwa ISO 9001 certificate

Modern, versatile manufacturing processes ensure that our products fulfil high quality standards.

Our quality system covers all our operations from research and development including design, production, installation, and integrated lifecycle services (ILS), as well as sales and marketing. Our certified quality system conforms to the quality assurance requirements of ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 2110.