Personal Armor

FY-Composites specializes in providing lightweight personal protection solutions that comply with end-user requirements and international standards. Our personal armor portfolio comprises of ballistic inserts, ballistic protective shields and force protection systems for dismounted troops.

PLATES – Ballistic Inserts

FY-Composites hard body armour plates offer reliability and performance against wide variety of threats. We customize, design and develop solutions based on customer specifications. We offer a variety of lightweight high-quality ballistic inserts that conform to international standards.

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SHIELDS – Ballistic Shields

FY-Composites offers a wide range of fragment and bulletproof shields suitable for mine clearance, explosives handling, explosives disposal, special forces, anti-riot use training, and other purposes.

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Rapid Armor Shelter System

FY-Composites’ internationally patented Rapid Armor® Shelter System is a NATO codified innovative ballistic protection system. This military certified lightweight fortification wall system is ideal for fast moving troops. Fortifications can be built and dismantled in minutes, allowing troops to be protected even during short stops or operations. Panels protect men and property against fragments and bullets.

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High Performance Defense Products

We are driven by our passion to protect troops on the battlefield and those in harms way. Our mission is to design and manufacture lightweight, life-saving systems that work. Our products allow for unrestricted, natural movement and are recognized for their superior quality and comfort.

Future Technologies and Solutions

Our focus on research and development means using the latest production methods, manufacturing processes and cutting-edge materials to reduce the environmental impact of our products without sacrificing performance. We work in close collaboration with our domestic and international partners.

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