System Solutions

We offer consulting services and custom solutions for armoring and system survivability. Our services include in-house design, manufacturing, installation and integrated lifecycle service for ballistic armour, lightweight composite structures and passive defence measures (stealth technology) for naval, air and land platforms.

Powerful modelling and analysis tools, combined with a deep knowledge of advanced composite materials create a solid basis on which to develop technical and commercially optimal solutions for our customers.


A Difference in Performance

Reinforced composite materials open up new possibilities in a variety of industrial applications, compared with conventional materials. Whenever excellent performance, light weight, speed and outstanding mechanical and chemical properties are critical, it is worth considering the use of composite material structures and components.

FY-Composites’ powerful design tools, versatile manufacturing technologies and in-depth knowledge of materials allow it to execute the most demanding of customer projects.

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Ballistic Protection for Vehicles, Platforms and Systems

FY-Composites provides ballistic protection for a wide range of vehicles and platforms. We provide full armor for vehicle cabins, add-on armor kits and spall liners for all protection levels. We select the best materials available to add as little weight as possible to the system while providing maximum protection. Our in-house engineering and design team is well experienced in working with versatile platforms.

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Signature Management

FY-Composites develops, designs and manufactures wide-band Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM) which are used to reduce the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of platforms. Radar Absorbent Structures (RAS) are a mix of conductive, semiconductive and insulation layers of composite materials.

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Integrated Lifecycle Services

We ensure the performance and features of your products for their entire lifetime and keep them fit for demanding – even extreme – operating conditions throughout their lifetime. Our ILS service is not restricted to our own products. We offer lifecycle service (RMO) for all composite products and structures.

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High Performance Defense Products

We are driven by our passion to protect troops on the battlefield and those in harms way. Our mission is to design and manufacture lightweight, life-saving systems that work. Our products allow for unrestricted, natural movement and are recognized for their superior quality and comfort.

Future Technologies and Solutions

Our focus on research and development means using the latest production methods, manufacturing processes and cutting-edge materials to reduce the environmental impact of our products without sacrificing performance. We work in close collaboration with our domestic and international partners.

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